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Whether you wait until December to hum along to “Winter Wonderland” or you start playing holiday tunes in October, one thing is for certain: The holiday season is approaching quickly. Do you have a plan for this year’s holiday shopping?

Finding gifts for everyone on your list can feel like a full-time job—and an expensive one, too. Here are a few tips to get an early jump on holiday shopping and find deals in the process.

  1. Look ahead at Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Study up on this year’s deals before Black Friday and Cyber Monday arrive. From there, you’ll know which discounts to wait for and which gifts to buy sooner.

Many retailers publicize their deals weeks (and even months) in advance. A quick search for Black Friday discounts brings up several lists compiling bargains from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Just remember: While Black Friday and Cyber Monday can bring steep discounts on some items, other goods—like clothing and furniture—might not be such a bargain.

If you’re worried about overspending, remember to stay focused on the gifts you need to pick up. If you have a wandering eye, avoid browsing online or shopping in-store without a list. Mega sales can be tempting if you struggle with impulse spending.

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  1. Use online tools to score deals.

Leave no coupon code unturned, and don’t forget to check your email to find extra opportunities to save money.

Around the holidays, retailers offer a dizzying number of coupons and codes for online savings. You can usually find these in your inbox if you subscribe to updates from your favorite stores.

If you’re shopping online, use third-party price trackers and shopping apps to make sure you’re getting the lowest price and taking advantage of every available discount. Some apps even apply coupons for you, which can save you time scouring your inbox for codes.

  1. Place gift orders ASAP.

Over the last few years, supply chain disruptions and shipping delays have created headaches for many holiday shoppers. If you want to be sure to receive gifts before the end of December, don’t wait too long to place your orders. Experts say the 2022 holiday season is already shaping up to be another hectic year for the shipping industry.

If you do wait too long to place an order, visit the store in-person to pick up a gift for a time-sensitive gift exchange—or opt for a gift card for a gift that won’t get bogged down in shipping delays.

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