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Charitable Checking Program

A unique opportunity for you to support your non-profit, simply by banking with WaterStone Bank. Each February, WaterStone Bank will make a donation from a $10,000 pool based on the consolidated average annual balances of customers that list a participating non-profit as a choice recipient for their active Checking account at WaterStone Bank. With a WSB Checking account, you’ll enjoy:

Support your non-profit by banking at WaterStone today. For more information, stop into a branch near you, or call Customer Service at (414) 761-1000.


To enroll in the Charitable Checking Program you must have a WaterStone Bank SSB (WSB) consumer checking account and designate an Organization from a list of qualifying Organizations with non-profit status at WSB.  Each year in February qualifying Organizations linked to the Charitable Checking Program will receive a donation from the WaterStone Bank Foundation. The donation for each Organization will be determined by WSB and based on the consolidated average annual balances of all WSB checking accounts enrolled in the Charitable Checking Program and listing that Organization as their recipient of choice. You are only allowed to designate one Organization and only from a list of qualifying Organizations at WSB. If you close your account prior to February your account’s annual average balance will not be included in determining the amount of donation your designated Organization will receive. All benefits and features for the Charitable Checking Program are subject to change at any time.  

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