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WaterStone Bank established the WaterStone Bank Foundation with the Waukesha County Community Foundation in 2002 in order to ensure the bank’s ability to continually give back to the communities in which we serve.

Strengthening our bonds with our communities is consistent with our corporate mission to serve our communities by providing an unparalleled banking experience for our customers, excellent advancement opportunities for our employees and outstanding value for our shareholders. Charitable giving not only helps us achieve this mission, but also allows us to be a good corporate citizen and neighbor.

General Request Guidelines

The WaterStone Bank Foundation reviews requests on a monthly basis and is comprised of employees from various departments within the bank.

While we would like to donate to every worthy cause in our community, we have concentrated our philanthropic efforts to the four core giving categories below. In addition, all applicants are encouraged to review the guidelines to make your request as effective as possible.

Donation Request Criteria

  • Must be made by a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit
  • Completed via the Digital Donation Request Form below
  • Submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to your event date 
  • Located within our community footprint
  • Sponsor recognition is provided
  • At least one of our core giving categories is supported

Core Giving Categories

Each year, the WaterStone Bank Foundation receives a large number of charitable donation requests from nonprofit organizations. In order to concentrate our charitable giving intiatives, the WaterStone Bank Foundation identified four target areas for its grants: Education, Women & Children, Community Development, and Veteran's Initiatives. Read more about each category below. 




The Education category includes nonprofit organizations such as schools, school programs, educational foundations, scholarship programs, libraries and literacy programs and financial literacy initiatives.

Secure Futures

SecureFutures, a grateful partner of the WaterStone Bank Foundation since 2010, empowers teens with financial education, tools, and mentorship so they can achieve their goals and strengthen their communities.

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SHARP Literacy

SHARP strives to strengthen critical thinking, science and math knowledge and appreciation for the arts in students, helping to shrink the opportunity gap. The WaterStone Bank Foundation proudly supports the financial literacy education segment of SHARP’s Summer Learning Program, where elementary students learn STEAM and Financial Literacy concepts in engaging ways.

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Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

The WaterStone Bank Foundation partners with the Cristo Rey Jesuit Work Study Program to provide students confidence, real-world experiences that are relevant to their coursework, career building skills, and unprecedented access to the professional world.

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Women and Children

Nonprofit organizations that benefit women's initiatives and any initiatives that do not fall under the education category that benefit children under the age of 18. 

women and children

The Women’s Center

Since 2004, the WaterStone Bank Foundation has supported The Women's Center of Waukesha mission to provide safety, shelter and support to empower all impacted by domestic abuse, sexual violence, child abuse, and trafficking.

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