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Wauwatosa, Wis. – 10/16/2023 – WaterStone Bank is pleased to introduce its new Community President, bringing fresh leadership to the branch on State Street in Wauwatosa.


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Joshua Braun

Joshua Braun has been appointed Community President of WaterStone Bank’s Wauwatosa branch. Before assuming his current role, Braun worked as a Mortgage Underwriter, serving WaterStone Mortgage until 2018 and contributing to Landmark Credit Union before that.

Braun’s entrepreneurial spirit and managerial experience set him apart, with a background of running a successful catering business that honed the skills he brings to his leadership role at WaterStone. Braun believes that the heart of his professional fulfillments lies in interactions with the public. “I have always worked in a position that put me in front of clients,” says Braun, calling those opportunities to assist customers “the most rewarding in my professional life.”

Braun looks forward to working with employees and patrons in Wauwatosa, not only to build on the strong reputation of that office, but “to make this the location that our clients love to come to, and employees want to work at!”

One of Braun’s guiding principles is encapsulated in his favorite motto: “Everything that has value in life is a product of consistency. Success, health, fitness, wealthy, friendships, relationships and all other aspirations are all about consistency.”

Currently calling Greenfield home, Braun is an active father of three. A sports enthusiast, Braun enjoys both playing and spectating, and has a deep appreciation for cinema, music and cooking, especially exploring local restaurants and embracing new culinary experiences.

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