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WaterStone Bank Employee Shanda Caveney Wins Oak Creek Citizen of the Year Award

WaterStone Bank is proud to announce that Shanda Caveney, Community President of our Oak Creek Howell Ave. branch, has been chosen as the 2022 Oak Creek Citizen of the Year.

Shanda, who was nominated for the award in recognition of her tireless efforts as a dedicated volunteer, has been an integral part of WaterStone Bank since 2012. Her commitment to making a positive impact started at a young age, when she was named Oak Creek Junior High School’s Good Citizen in 1990. “I’ve been this person before I started working here. But now I can do even more, helping with donations and making those personal connections. I build trust with businesses and nonprofits,” says Shanda, who, in one of her community roles, worked behind the scenes to identify financial irregularities when she took over as treasurer for a nonprofit organization in 2017. “I keep an eye on things—I’m not going to just let something slide.”

“Shanda’s commitment to improving the lives of those around her is truly admirable, and it is inspiring to see someone make such a positive impact,” said WaterStone Bank CEO Doug Gordon.

Shanda’s dedication and commitment to the community are a true embodiment of WaterStone Bank’s core values of community service and giving back. We congratulate Shanda on this well-deserved recognition.

The award will be presented July 14, 2023, at the annual awards dinner.

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