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A specialized program dedicated to providing financial security and ease of banking for emergency response providers and healthcare workers.

Exclusive No-Fee Features:

HERO ATM Transaction Icon
ATM Transactions

HERO Overdraft Protection Icon
Overdraft Protection Transfers

HERO Domestic Wires Icon
Domestic Wire Transfers

Free Benefits:

HERO Money Orders and Official Checks Icon
Money Orders and Official Checks

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2 Foreign Currency Purchases Per Year

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HERO Edition Checks

Plus enjoy:

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An Enrollment Gift

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A Yearly Flag Voucher

HERO Waived closing costs on HELOC
Waived Closing Costs on HELOC

HERO $500 Mortgage Home Loan Benefit
$500 Mortgage Home Loan Benefits

^Honoring Emergency Responding Officials (HERO) Disclosure: To enroll in the Honoring Emergency Responding Officials Program (HERO Program) you must show an employee ID, business card, or pay stub as proof you are a currently employed or retired service member of the Fire Department, Police or Sheriff’s Department, Healthcare Worker, including administrative staff or volunteer, Emergency Medical Technician, Doctor, or Nurse. In addition to the above, you must have a WaterStone Bank (WSB) Universal checking account. Only one WSB program can be tied to an account. HERO Program is subject to change without notice. No-fee Overdraft Protection benefit requires an additional WSB deposit account owned by the HERO Program member with funds sufficient to cover the overdraft items. Fees that are assessed to your checking account for withdrawing funds at an ATM with your WSB Debit Card will be refunded to your WSB checking account within the next business day. WSB Home Equity Line-of-Credit (HELOC) annual fee will be refunded to your WSB checking account within 30 business days of the fee being assessed to your HELOC. $500.00 will be credited to your WSB checking account within 30 business days of closing your 1st mortgage home loan with WSB and setting up autopay from your WSB checking account. You may only receive this benefit one time with WSB. Free HERO Program checks will be provided. Benefit does not include reimbursement of other check designs you have previously purchased or plan to purchase. Free Gift will be provided annually in September if at that time your average balance of deposit accounts is greater than or equal to $10,000.00 or you have a WSB HELOC or 1st mortgage home loan. Fees are subject to change at any time. Employees of WaterStone Bank and its subsidiaries can choose to have an employee account and participate in an account program. Employees are eligible to receive program non-monetary benefits and are not eligible to receive program monetary bonuses.

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