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Home Equity Line-of-Credit

Enjoy these great benefits with a WaterStone Bank HELOC:

  • Our Equity Access card has no minimum requirements on transactions, allows you to make purchases and withdraw cash with just a swipe of the card, and you can monitor purchases through Digital Banking.
  • Have peace of mind knowing you can borrow what you need, when you need it from the available funds under the line-of-credit plan.
  • Achieve greater financial control with flexible payment options.
  • Convenient access to your funds by phone, through Online Banking, or with free checks.
  • Link your Home Equity Line of Credit to your WaterStone Bank checking account to automatically transfer funds when your account experiences a negative balance.

Use the equity in your home to start or continue your home improvement project or to take a vacation. The possibilities are endless!

Family moving into a new home

5.99% APR* 6 Month Fixed Intro Rate

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