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Electronically access your statements through Digital Banking safely, securely and paper-free


Access full, monthly statements 24 hours a day 7 days a week


View, print or save your E-Statements from your home computer


No limit access to archived account statements

Account Info

No mailed statement helps protect your account from mailbox theft

Save paper

Save paper and help protect the environment

Receive alerts

Receive alerts by e-mail or text that help you stay connected to your finances

To configure the statement delivery method in Digital Banking:

  1. In the navigation menu, click on or tap Statements > Statement Delivery.
  2. On the Statement Delivery page, select an account you want to convert from paper to E-Statements, then:
    • Select a Delivery Type
    • Validate your Email Address
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions

Note: If you select E-Statement in the Delivery Type drop-down list, the E-Statement Delivery Agreement window appears. Review the agreement, and click on or tap I accept.

For future reference, the E-Statement Delivery Agreement can be found:

  1. In the navigation menu, select Statement > Statement Delivery
  2. On the Statement Delivery page, select: View E-Statement Delivery Agreement

For more information, call Customer Service, (414) 761-1000.

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