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Development & Growth

WaterStone Bank believes in and strives for the advancement of its employees, by providing on site training in many areas of the banking industry. Our on site training provides a variety of materials that encourages our employees to develop their skills and knowledge in many different areas of the banking industry.

Through our Education Reimbursement Program and external training options, employees may attend training that will help them advance into a new position within the company. Most open positions are posted internally to encourage growth and to display the present opportunities within the bank.

Through specialized training and certification programs, WaterStone Bank begins development of its employees from the day they join the company.


Diversity & Inclusion / Community Involvement



Diversity & Inclusion

WaterStone Bank is committed to embracing diversity and inclusion amongst its customers and employees. Diversity includes representation of individuals from various races, genders, religions, ages, abilities, veteran status, beliefs, and sexual orientation. Inclusion requires actively involving those individuals, promoting new ideas, outlooks, knowledge, and methods. The best solutions stem from teams with various perspectives that work in an environment of transparency and support. We actively work to remove barriers to team effectiveness while treating each other fairly and with respect. We value fairness and equality in compensation, benefits and opportunity. Recruiting, developing and retaining employees that reflect the various communities we serve is integral to WaterStone Bank's core beliefs and an essential component of our recruitment strategy.

~Doug Gordon, President & CEO, WaterStone Bank

Community Involvement

In addition, as a local financial institution with a long history serving the community, WaterStone Bank has an active charitable foundation that gives more than half a million dollars a year to local nonprofits that serve women, children and veterans, support our local schools and develop our community in a variety of ways. We also provide products designed especially for our active duty service members, military veterans and reserve and National Guard service members, offer scholarships at area high schools and provide support in the community through employee volunteer initiatives. We work daily to identify opportunities for our employee base to connect in meaningful and enriching ways with the communities we serve.

As an organization, community support is a strong component of who we are and is one part of how we create a holistic, inclusive workplace.

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