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Bravo for having your employees’ best interests in mind!

Attracting and retaining employees is very important to any business.  Say BRAVO to your employees for their commitment to you by showing them how committed you are to them!  WaterStone’s BRAVO Program offers your employees, and you, a wide range of benefits that will help them find peace of mind through financial literacy, tips to help make their money work harder, as well as additional opportunities for special account benefits, financial guidance and exclusive bonuses.

Increase the number of employees receiving Direct Deposit which can benefit your business in several ways:


Cost Savings: Decreased costs related to payroll processing


Reduced Risk: Reduced exposure to risk associated with payroll checks


Reduced Short-term Turnover: By ensuring employees are getting the benefits they deserve, create more loyal and committed employees

Additional Benefits for you and your employees:


Financial Literacy Sessions

WaterStone offers group wellness sessions that are focused on educating your employees on common financial topics, including one-on-one financial advice offered by our knowledgeable bankers.

financial literacy

account solutions


Exclusive Banking Solutions

Universal Checking and Health Savings accounts designed to help you and your employees earn more, save time, and gain the peace of mind that they deserve.


Cash Rewards, Discounts, and more!

Your employees will receive exclusive checking, savings, and borrowing rewards as well as access to Health Savings Accounts, outlined in detail.


Ready to enroll in BRAVO? Contact your local Community President or call Customer Service at (414) 761-1000 today.

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