QuickSwitch Form - Switch to WSB | WaterStone Bank

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Call our Customer Support Center, (414) 761-1000, or visit a location near you.

Please complete the following steps:

Open your new WaterStone Bank Checking account

Open online or at a WaterStone Bank Branch.

Transfer your automatic payments and direct deposits

Use the WaterStone Bank QuickSwitch forms to notify companies and financial institutions about the switch.

Open Automatic Transaction Change Request Form

Open Direct Deposit Authorization Request Form

Transfer your automatic deposits and withdrawals

Switch all your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals to your WaterStone Bank account.

Open Automatic Transfer Tracking Form

Confirm all outstanding checks have cleared on your old account

Use the form you printed in Step 3.

Close your old account

Now that your checks have cleared and all automatic payments and deposits have been transferred to your WaterStone Bank account, close out your old account.

Open Automatic Account Closure Form

If you need any assistance completing this form, please contact our Customer Support Center at (414) 761-1000 
or visit your local branch and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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